Asia-Pacific Commerce Visit

This year we held the Natural Expo West fair, located in Anaheim California, where we were present with our sales team offering our superfoods from Peru. Products such as: Sacha Inchi, Quinoa, Cacao, Golden Berries, Lucuma and Maca, were our main focus for the exhibition of the fair, which were well received by several companies.

One of our main objectives of the year was to open markets in a great variety of countries, across the world. We decided that Australia was the first on the list for our first visit of the year. The motive related to our commercial interest is that we consider the potential, vision and above all, approach in developing awareness. This awareness is created by promoting the healthy diet with natural and organic products that the Australian culture handles.

Our CEO, Alonso Hernandez Arias Schreiber, traveled to different cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, which could not be overlooked to conduct a market study with the following objectives: visit organic stores and supermarkets, listen to consumer feedback and visit potential customers. A very important meeting was also held with one of the most renowned chefs from the Andres Soldi area (Chefs pocket) where they were able to share some ideas on different organic products. On the other hand, we took the time to discover its majestic golden coast and to surf perfect waves with some friends by the most recognized beaches of the world, such as: Kirra, Snapers, Luna park and Burleigh Heads.

We were also able to expand our borders and learn more about the Asia-Pacific market, where Singapore and Malaysia were in the sights to capture new potential customers with great interest. Furthermore, we had the pleasure of being with one of the main processors of cacao in the world. Incidentally, we are forming a strategic alliance with a very important future that we will not hesitate to tell you about.

Finally, we were at the Jakarta Food Show, one of the most important in the agro-industry. Our extensive and enlightening trip, concluded in the Mentawaii Islands, where we had the opportunity to talk with the native communities about some ideas of sustainable development and organic production, which is very favorable for the community and out company. A very satisfactory trip since it fulfilled several of the most important objectives of the year, also generated good relations and we were lucky to find a space to visit incredible countries with great waves.

In our next post we will be describing our last visit to the plantations of Cacao in Peru and how we work together with the agricultural community of the area.