Commercial visit to Cacao plantations

At Ecommodities we have as a business model to provide our customers not only high quality products, but to also share with our customers a complete experience of how we work along the supply chain. In addition to this we convey the essence of the culture with which these products are cultivated, produced, and traded. This is key in our operations and relations with any of our stake holders, which among them include our clients.

In our commercial visit to our Cacao Farms located in the Province of Tocache, deep within the Peruvian Forest, we had the pleasure to show our clients and to teach the process by which the product is subjected to. We began the tour by showing the cultivation fields and fermentation center, then we displayed the process by which the product goes through in the drying center. Finally, we showed our warehouse and how the product was store. This demonstration showed the method of work we use and how we acquire a top quality product.

One of our main objectives of our commercial visits with our clients is to provide them with the experience of the process and origin of the product, in a completely transparent way. In this way they can also have the certainty and total confidence about the meticulous care that we have in the work process. In addition, we introduce our clients to our work team in the growing area and the social/corporate culture that we handle in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations.

Apart from giving our clients a high quality treatment and product, we encourage they acquire a unique experience and knowledge of their liking here in Ecommodities.