Over the years, Peruvian cuisine has been acquiring lots of fame and recognition amongst all kind of cultures. Most of the ingredients you can find in Peru come from the earth, which is one of the richest and by the hand of one of the most proficient cultures in terms of farming.

Peru has a vast diversity of climate, and that’s what makes this country so prompt to all kind of sowing.

Globally accepted

Just the act of finding any specific cuisine that suits everybody tastes is tough. However, Peruvian foods have been going through a constant and dramatic increase in its demand because of the fact nobody can resist them. The taste is good, globally accepted and without a doubt one of the healthiest food in the chain.

Peru produces a whole bunch of fruits, seeds, and veggies. You can find one of the richest and varied amounts of them. From the irresistible cacao, the strange purple corn and even the healthiest seed: Sacha Inchi.

Those are just a few examples of many highly demanded products on the market that you can sell locally with top quality.

Constant grow and opportunities for international markets

Nowadays, it is easy to notice more people are starting to add Peruvian superfood to their meals. They taste well and provide all the nutrients we need to sustain a healthy life.

International markets have noticed this while ago, as these are excellent for those seeking opportunities with whole foods that everybody loves. We have gathered all the information regarding the topic, which is mind-blowing, take a look: Peruvian agriculture has blossom years ago, having a constant grow since 2012 of 1-2% per year. The 6% of the GDP is from agriculture, turning it into a fortune every year. Exportations have been rising too, with 10-15% of the sector growing every single year since 2000.

Tendencies dictate this is not going even close to an end.

Do you want to miss out all the opportunities Peruvian foods have to offer to your market and customers?

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