Superfood is a collective term for a series of edible plants and fruits that are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, polysaccharides, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. A type of food falls under the category of superfood when it has more than twelve positive qualities for your health.

The above nutrients are essential for our functioning. Also, people haven’t been able to get “natural” food with sufficient nutrition. This condition explains why superfoods are now emerging. They are the perfect way to correct the deficits and imbalances that have arisen in people’s body through natural nutrients.

Because superfoods contain many healthy nutrients, superfoods could make an essential contribution to a healthy life, and many physical complaints can be prevented, reduced or delayed. Also, it could slow the aging process.

Where Can You Buy Superfoods?
Many superfoods are only available through particular web stores or health food stores. Other superfoods are again easier to obtain and are on the shelves of the larger supermarkets.
Superfoods seem like a modern trend. However, there are various indigenous peoples from the past also has consumed superfoods.
They are:

  • Incas,
  • Mayans,
  • Eskimos,
  • Aztecs.

They used superfoods for centuries as healthy food sources. Indigenous peoples eat them for fighting against various illnesses. The foods were found to have a longer shelf life and also proved to be very easy to ship. Many superfoods are consumed in a dried form precisely to keep the food longer in shelf life. Even today, superfood is already available and stored in almost any country in the world with different brands.

Where Quality Superfood Comes From
As you might already know, in the business world, superfoods have been reaching greater recognition among consumers around the world. Between 2011 and 2015, launches of new foods and beverages based on superfoods increased by 202%. Peru has various reasons that place it as a global leader in superfoods: it has extraordinary biodiversity, export capacity and has traceability and innovation with clear and sustainable process chains. Besides, Peru has ancestral knowledge that preserves domesticated crops thousands of years ago, has recognized gastronomy worldwide and has an image as an investment destination that due to its geographical location makes Peru an appreciated hub in Latin America.

Ecommodities superfoods are made by native farmers with the support of local investors, using traditional practices, correct tools, and traditional methods. Ecommodities harvest golden berry, maca, quinoa, and lucuma from the Peruvian Andes. And from the Peruvian Amazon, cacao, Camu-camu, acai, and sacha inchi.

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Ecommodities is dedicated to promoting healthy products that grow in the valleys and mountains in the Andes and in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. These products are prepared with care and delivered to our customers in any corner of the world.


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