If you are seeking guidance on how to import organic food overseas, then you’ve come to the right place. We will take a look at the critical step when it comes to importing high-quality, delicious and fresh organic food.
Let’s take a look:

1. The Products Must Approve all Quality Tests
You need to make sure all products comply with the standards of organic farming. Meaning you need to take a look at quality tests and make sure they come from a known laboratory.
These are the three test requirements you should demand:

  • Pesticide test.
  • Organoleptic test.
  • Microbiological analysis.

2. Assure the best agricultural practices at the source
The providers you’re using to get products and import them as organic food need to comply with the best farming practices. We suggest visiting your provider’s facilities as an annual routine to make sure they meet with the methods you expect.

3. Seasons and stock management
Unfortunately, not every organic food is available 360 days a year.
Some products raise on-demand at certain seasons and reduce on offer at others. That’s why you need to be very careful and adjust your import organic food plans accordingly.
You need to be conscious that at some periods of the year, some fruits, vegetables, and seeds will be more expensive and cheaper on others.

4. Handling and storage requirements
Unlike other kinds of merchandise and products, import organic food requires special handling and storage requirements.

Elements such as humidity and temperature will be fundamental aspects if you want to keep the freshness, flavor, and nutrients on your organic food. It would be best if you make sure what is the recommended condition for your products as organic food requires different temperatures and humidity levels.

Remember they are not recommended to be shipped or packed in large boxes. The handling is another fundamental aspect you need to take into consideration; they are sensitive products that need care.

Three things you should have in mind when importing organic food:

1. Are on demand right now!
In the last decade, organic foods have become one of the most searched terms on Google when it comes to nutrition. They also have been skyrocketing the shelves with organic products in supermarkets as people are day by day asking for more.
It’s a fact you will find many clients just by jumping into the organic food industry.

2. Are healthier
People are switching their diets and changing their habits in the kitchen because the world is experimenting a problematic time in health concerns.

As science is getting the mask off from traditional foods we believe were healthy for us, we start focusing on healthier organic food that tastes good. It’s a global phenomenon almost everybody is in!

3. Are not that expensive
Most people will think of the word ‘‘expensive’’ when they hear the word ‘‘organic foods,’’ and that’s probably true, but not totally.

Organic foods are more expensive than junk food, that’s true. However, if you kept a monthly diet based just on organic food, your body will feel better and reduce the cravings for more food. At the end of the month, you will be spending the same amount of money, but fueling your body with real nutrients.

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