Importing superfoods is becoming more popular as customer demands healthier foods.

Now that we’ve passed the first trimester of 2019, superfoods are continually growing in terms of exportation, popularity and more. The massive irruption is because people are starting to feel concerned about their health and looking for different alternatives.

Global statistics about obesity were at a higher peak in recent years. Fast food and bad habits in the kitchen are slowly starting to decrease as people are willing to try healthier alternatives, among them the use of superfoods in their daily meals.

What does ‘‘Superfoods’’ really mean?

Marketers have been using the word a lot in the last decade because they knew since the first research they were in front of foods with lots of benefits for the human body.

So basically, they are foods with a high quantity of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, which help your immune system to fight against diseases and infections.


Statistics are another point of view of superfoods success over the past decades. In the last years, exportations, consumption, and awareness have been increasing steadily. In general, every single year there is an average increase of 2-5 percent on superfoods globally.

According to Mordor Intelligence, there is a massive expected growth of 7 percent in the global market for the next five years.

Chia seeds have been the preferred super seed by people in the world with a massive growth of 15-20 percent every single year. However, the most popular superfoods chosen in every single supermarket and by far are cocoa, quinoa, kale, while, strawberries, and blueberries.

Is this going to end up soon?

That’s unlikely as people are currently seeing and feeling the results of balanced and rich-in-nutrients superfoods.

There is an expected growth of 5 and even 10 percent yearly for products such as Cacao, Lucuma, Quinoa, Purple Corn, and Chia. So there are lots of market opportunities for the food industry worldwide.
The global awareness around the relationship between the food we eat and our health is a hot topic right now. People every single year are spending more money on superfoods as part of their efforts to keep a healthy life.

The transition from eating products high calories, fatty and sugar products to a healthier and full of vitamins and nutrients alternative will continue to increase as scientists keep giving lights on what is right and bad for our health.

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