Many times, we buy food in large quantities for reasons of price or comfort. However, we do not really need to consume it all at once. A good option in these cases is to pack the food for later consumption even if it is raw or cooked. Learn how to do it correctly.

The packaging is a system that allows food to be conversed by eliminating oxygen and preventing the creation of microorganisms that can damage food.

Superfood Packaging
Unlike general food packaging we always did, superfood packaging is done at an industry level. It means the packaging process is assisted by modern machines.

There are lots of packaging alternatives for your Superfoods, some of them based on marketing development. However, it is more important to pay attention to the requirements based on photosensitivity, temperature, humidity, and resistance.

Choosing an interesting product package is an essential marketing strategy and can have a direct impact on sales. However, always pay attention to the product requirements like we discussed earlier above.

Moreover, superfood packaging should always include nutritional information of the product as complete as possible. Companies should also define the Netto weight of the food. Finally, it has to be a long-lasting package.

Some organic foods sometimes have specific requirements regarding photosensitivity, temperature, humidity, and resistance requirements. For example, some foods should not get direct sunlight. That is why the packaging should have a dark glass or anything that prevents sunlight penetrates directly.

Superfood Packaging Using Doypack
Doypack is also called flexible packaging. It is formed by one or several sheets of sealed plastic material or paper paste. The flexible packaging is lightweight and can be airtight making it ideal for the food industry. It is used for example for bags of snacks (chips, nuts, and more), frozen fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains, seeds, sweets, cookies, pasta, pet food, and many other products.

When we consider packing some food, the first thing we have to check is that it is in good condition and
the containers we use are sterilized.

How can we sterilize it? It is a very simple process. It is only necessary to boil them in hot water for 10 minutes and they will be clean from bacteria and ready to use. However, keep in mind that the sterilization process of each product may be different from each other.

The next step is to create a vacuum that keeps the food in perfect condition. There are several methods to achieve this purpose. You can choose a professional packer or special bags designed for this use.

However, if you have used a homemade container, the best option to achieve a hermetic seal is through the water bath. Remember that you must leave at least 1 cm unfilled to achieve the desired effect.

After this process, you correctly label your preserves to know which product it is and indicate the date of packaging to have a control on consumption.

For proper preservation, vacuum-packed foods should be kept at cool temperatures between 0º and 4º or simply frozen for a longer duration, keeping them between -18º and -25º Celsius.

Before consuming them, check the package. If you detect a leak means that air has entered, so it is better that we throw those foods because they have been affected by bacteria.

With the packaging of food in addition to being able to keep food for longer, you can also save on your daily purchase and take better advantage of the offers.

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