Superfood is the symbol of nutritious and healthy products. Most often, they include food of plant origin. However, sometimes, eggs, meats, fish, and dairy products are included.

Superfoods help you to maintain a healthy life. Investing in superfood is a good idea for a business. Logically, most people will want to have healthy food. However, you should measure the acceptance of superfood in your country or target market. How to know that the market will accept your superfood product? This article will discuss further!

Superfood Market Analysis Strategy
In the food industry, success is obtained through successful market analysis.

For this reason, the key to success for the industry is the acceptance of new products by the consumer. When you can enter the market with innovative ideas, you must take into account the superfood product to professionally determine the tastes and trends of customers.

The superfood distributor or retailer should answer basic questions such as

  • Do people like the product?
  • How much they like it?
  • Why they like it and why not?

In this case, the test must be established with the liking scores (1-10), keep in mind people that don’t like your product will probably give you a 5, the ones they consider it ok will score a 7 or 8 and the ones who like it a 9 or 10.

The procedure of the test is:
1. 75 to 50 consumers are needed. They are selected by considering the most suitable market demography of the product. You can search among employees, housewives, or groups of people of different targets, depending on the product to be evaluated. Also, they can be selected at random in shopping centers, schools, etc.

2. Setup A scale of acceptance, for example: very sweet, salty, soft, hard.

3. The best option is to ask about the flavors, the expectations, and the aesthetics of the packaging. This allows knowing what the consumer thinks about the image of the products for further development.

The advantages of this test are: it provides essential depth information. It is related to the description of the taste profile and the variables for its optimization. It also lets you know what the expectations of the chosen target area.

Limitations: some expressions used by the consumer may be challenging to interpret. Therefore, giving multiple choices is a good strategy.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Import samples of different options, so the participants can taste and give their opinions.
  • Ask the provider recommendations on how to prepare that kind of dishes.
  • Make a quiz about the use of superfood at home.
  • Held an interview with nutritionists’ experts, consumers, and distributor, to identify and prioritized essential aspects.
  • If necessary, analyze the strategies that local and global competitors do. This way, you can learn what works and what doesn’t.

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