Cacao Powder Is the Perfect Superfood For The Bakery Industry.

The cacao powder comes from cocoa beans, which are fermented, dried, roasted, and then crushed in a mill. Once we have cocoa shavings, we press and extract the natural edible fat cocoa butter present in the cocoa bean. This cocoa paste is dried and ground, turning into cocoa powder.

If it is of quality, the cocoa powder does not contain gluten or external components; the cocoa powder comes in two forms: natural and alkalized type. Cocoa powder may contain sugar or not, and generally, an alkalizer is added to make it more soluble. It should be stored in a dark place and in a hermetically sealed package to avoid it becoming rancid and losing its aromas.

The Differences between natural cocoa and alkalized cocoa

  • Natural cocoa powder: this cocoa has an intense bitter taste this due to its high pH level, around pH 5. When a recipe requires simply cocoa powder without sugar, it usually means natural cocoa.
  • Alkalized cocoa powder: this cocoa has a darker tone, with a softer and delicate flavor, it dissolves in liquids easily. The alkalized cocoa has a pH of 7; its coloration is brown with reddish tones and has better solubility. Many confectioners prefer it, to make cakes and cookies, given its flavor and color, it mixes better with the rest of the ingredients and absorbs liquids better.

If you replace natural cocoa with alkalize cocoa, increase 30 g of baking powder for every 15 g of baking soda you remove. If you do not use enough bicarbonate in chocolate products, the color of the finished product can vary from light brown to dark brown, depending on the amount you use. If you use too much, the color will be reddish-brown. This color suits chocolate cakes, but may not be desirable in other products.

Cocoa powder is a great friend of the bakery

Cocoa powder is a very versatile ingredient and used in a variety of forms and presentations such as crunchy biscuits, cookies, sauces, cakes, and tart. Besides good for the bakery industry, cacao powder is great for shakes, smoothies, topping, and backing.

Nowadays, people are starting to replace chocolate with cacao powder. The main reason is because of all the benefits you receive with none of the sugar and lactose chocolates usually have.
That is why cocoa powder is becoming more and more common every day while it’s replacing chocolate due to its health benefits and non-repercussion.

What makes a cocoa power so good?

The careful process of manufacturing and containing very few added additives. We recommend reading the labels of the ingredients in the chocolate bars, avoiding at all costs those with additions of artificial flavors and vegetable fats of poor quality.

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