Cocoa butter is a fat that is released from cacao beans by chafing cacao beans in a special mill. The beans are ground to a powder, pressed, resulting in a mass divided into cacao powder and butter. The chocolate color remains in the powder, which is why cacao butter has not a brown, but a light-yellow tint (similar to olive oil).

The source of cocoa butter are the fruits of trees from the genus Theobroma. Not long ago this tree was attributed to the Sterkuliev family, today it represents the Malvinas. The homeland of the chocolate tree is the American tropics, its gifts were appreciated by the Aztecs. At present, the tree is cultivated in all countries with a tropical climate, where it can bear fruit twice a year.

When creating a plant classification in the 18th century, naturalist Karl Linnie assigned to the tree from whose fruits cacao butter is obtained, the name “food of the gods”. Then, American practitioner, Joseph Fry found a way to mix butter with cacao and got a chocolate bar.

Later on, the beneficial properties of cacao butter became well-known. People began to use it not only as an integral product of chocolate but also for cosmetics.

The Benefits of Cacao Butter inside Chocolate
Inside a quality chocolate, there is a cacao butter which provides fat and shine. It helps the chocolate well-tempered. Therefore, a chocolate that melts in your mouth has cocoa butter. It is also ideal to make melted chocolate texture becomes fluid and shiny. Cacao butter has no smell or taste, unlike cacao paste, which is very bitter. In fact, it is the best basis of chocolate we know so far.

Since cacao butter comes from cacao beans, it also inherits some cacao beans benefits. Cacao bean is an excellent antioxidant food because they contain a significant number of polyphenolic antioxidants and flavonoids. In fact, cacao beans themselves have proven to be one of the largest suppliers of polyphenols in our diets. There are antioxidants remain in cacao butter even after separation from the beans solids, which means that it is beneficial to improve immunity, reduce inflammation and improve heart health, even though it is saturated fat (vegetable) feared.

In fact, high-quality chocolate production involves mixing a small number of ingredients but only with high-quality components. The real chocolate is always made on the basis of natural cocoa butter.

Where to Find the Best Cacao Butter for Chocolate?
Succeeding on the chocolate business will highly depend on the cacao butter you use. Therefore, you must choose wisely. Do you want to boost your chocolate business? Make sure to buy high-quality Peruvian cacao butter. The best cacao butter always comes from the best cacao beans.

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