The Peruvian territory is an inexhaustible pantry of fruits, grains, and vegetables, which makes of it one of the best lands for this business. Superfoods exports have helped promote food in the main markets of North America, Europe and recently in Asia.

There are several reasons why Peru is the best option to buy these products. One of them is our geographic, and microclimate diversity, which favors a great variety of these products growing naturally and in abundance all year round. Another reason is export capacity since we are connected to the world; trade agreements allow access to more than 3 300 million potential consumers. Also, Peru has high-security controls with process chains that are transparent and sustainable. Also has ancestral knowledge that preserves domesticated crops thousands of years ago. Has a world-renowned cuisine and an image as an investment destination, due to its geographical location, which makes Peru a popular hub in Latin America.

There are two factors to affirm that in the future, Peruvian Superfoods will be one of the most lucrative and vital sectors. One factor is world population density and the other, and possibly the most important is water. Today, Peru has the resources to be the focus of these foods, and one of the countries with the highest concentration of freshwater in the world (position eight), since we own 4.6%.

Peru has a large concentration of agricultural labor, accompanied by low agricultural productivity. Today, Peru obtains almost US $ 6,000 million in annual agrarian exports (in 2000 it barely made the US $ 400 million). With assured demand, water resource transferable to the coast, economically active population available and, above all, a variety of more than 25 superfoods, it is logical to invest in enabling more farmland, taking advantage of the diversity of ecological soils and floors, and promoting the wealth of these products.

Among the foods grown, Peru produces mangoes, avocados, berries, vegetables, grains, cereals, cocoa, and more generating a variety of benefits in people like fighting diseases, improving performance and increasing vitality. Peruvian superfoods, being natural products that contain a high density of nutrients, give us the possibility of having a rich and healthy diet, and therefore driving a healthy life.

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