About Us

Ecommodities is dedicated to promoting healthy products that grow in the valleys and mountains in the Andes and in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. These products are prepared with care and delivered to our customers in any corner of the world.

We export high quality superfood such as cacao, maca, acai, lucuma, golden berries, sacha inchi, camu camu, yacon, and purple corn. Furthermore, we provide Andean grains such as quinoa, amaranth, and canihua.


“Our goal is to be the best niche player in the good food industry in Peru. We dedicate resources to innovate in product processes, packaging and service. We want to be the first choice when it comes to delivering exciting, top quality value-added Peruvian products that appeal to a full spectrum of specialty products markets.”
“We understand and address the shipping requirements of the customers that we serve in terms of destinations, volumes and variety of products. In addition to excellent distribution services, we discuss and plan with them the innovations in value-added products or services to foster mutual success and growth.”


“Our team is as diversified as our geography. Communicators, business administrators and economists, work together to provide our clients with the best products. We oversee from their production until they reach international markets.”
“We realize the importance of fulfilling our client’s orders and standing by our contracts. To accomplish this we provide the necessary support starting at the farmland and supervising all orders until they are shipped. Our goal is also to help improve our ecology and provide the best natural products from the Andes and the Amazon rainforests.”

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