Social Responsibility

At Ecommodities, we are focused to contribute with the development of the communities that provide us with wonderful products which we send to different worldwide markets contributing to a healthy and natural diet.

Our business model aims to be an example to follow in our country. We work in harmony with the farmers, environment, families, and all our stakeholders involved in our value chain directly and indirectly, where every detail is made with passion.

We work with our partners investing in technical assistance, technology, and research to preserve the quality of Peruvian products based on a sustainable source of organic products which come from natural and non-genetically modified seeds.

Based on our believes of human development, social, environmental and economic responsibility, Ecommodities carries out all its activities in compliance with Fair Choice’s principles which is a guarantee that our company is committed to sustainable development and the improvement of social conditions of all our partners.

We export high quality superfood such as cacao, maca, acai, lucuma, golden berries, sacha inchi, camu camu, yacon, and purple corn. Furthermore, we provide Andean grains such as quinoa, amaranth, and canihua.

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Ecommodities has the structure and condition to export Peruvian Superfoods to all the Globe.